About Us

Serbatoi Servizi is a company that since 1998 operates in the field of selling and installations of cisterns and tanks, for DIESEL FUEL, Ad BLU, oils of different typologies and dimensions, and also provides with maintenance services for products who’re always secured and highly performing.

The quality of the products (C.E brand) tha we offer, the professionalism of our team that it gets shown in every step of our work,the accuracy of the services and maintenance, drainage and cleaning, are the values that make Serbatoi Servizi a strong point of references for those who process and use gasoil and other types of flammable materials in the course of their daily work activity or who needs equipments and management system that offer a precise conservation and distribution of liquids and the safety of those who operate directly with those materials.

Thanks to our constant commitment to supply quality certified tanks and cisterns and also to offer highly specialized assistance, Serbatoi Servizi is  able to satisfy different requests and to modulate our offers on the basis of the requested services.

Tanks in North Italy

Serbatoi Servizi operates actively in the Turin’s province and in the entire Piedmonte, is also able to satisfy the requests that come from the closer regions, like Liguria, Lombardia e Val D’Aosta.

Our clients are trucking companies and cooperatives,farms bureau, construction company,small activities and private clients: a vast of user that for different reasons process daily flammable materials.
Our goals is to deliver to our client their receipts,management systems,spare part e most of all,the maintenance assistance service to those who need it.

Serbatoi Servizi offers tanks and cisterns that satisfy widely all the constructing characteristics  and the safety required by current legislation. At the same time our maintenance interventions, reclamation and vitrification are performed by a highly specialized technical team that guarantees the quality of the our work.

20 years of experience

Since 1998 we operate in the relative sector of providing tanks and cisterns for gasoil and ad blu, flammable liquids and constant maintenance service of said products.

The experience and skills gained in these years of activity have made us fully aware of how delicate the field of application of the products we provide and how important it is to deliver promptly spare parts and assistance services to our clients. On the other hand, it is necessary to ensure the correct conservation of materials and to ensure that properties and principles are not dispersed, and on the other, the personal safety of operators must be protected in direct contact with flammable materials.

Our team is kept constantly updated, therefore we may propose the latest technology about the containers and spare parts that we provide, also innovating solutions for the maintenance services, the cleaning, the vitrification and reclamation of tanks and cisterns.

Our News

Serbatoi Servizi cures with main attention the professional update and follows all the technology innovation that has to do with production materials and maintenance service of tanks and cisterns.
This means that our vast of products, management system, of spare parts and accessories are constantly updated and in the same time we are careful of all the news about the cleaning sector, of reclamation and vitrification so we can always offer the optimal solution.

We are committed to offering those who choose Serbatoi Servizi a high quality endeavor that’s able to embrace all areas of application and intervention.

Our team is always ready to intervene, evaluate your necessity and try to find a solution who satisfy at best your requests.

Contact us to get in touch with our intervene areas for tanks and cisterns, our technicians will be at your disposal.

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