The consulting phase is a very important and delicate phase of our activity. It is about listening carefully the needs of the client and being able to point him towards the most best solution for him. Our long activity in this sector, our product’s knowledge our familiarity with the management systems and the experience we have gained in the field of assistance and maintenance, allow us to follow each customer with proper care and to respond adequately to his requests.

The consulting service

The consulting service is finalised, on the one hand, to follow those who are about to start a new business, a new project or a new construction site, and need oil or diesel tanks and management and distribution systems of fuel.

On the other hand, Serbatoi Servizi also deals with those who have to make specific interventions on their tanks or who want to change something of the systems they use in their business.
To be able to identify the solution that best responds to the requests we are made, we must, on the one hand, listen to them very carefully and, on the other, have a complete knowledge of the products, management systems and maintenance.

Identifying the best solutions is the first step to allow our customers to operate in the best conditions both in terms of practicality and in terms of safety.

Each intervention defined by Serbatoi Servizi is planned taking into consideration:

  • the study of intervention alternatives;
  • the cost of analysis;
  • the verification of regulatory compliance with reference to safety standards;
  • the definition of waste disposal methods, in the case of cleaning and maintenance;
  • the preparation of administrative practices.

Our Target

We deliver advice to define and plan maintenance intervention, reclamation or cleaning of tanks. We are also available to those who want to start an activity that requires to always have available tanks for oil and diesel oil from which to draw in case of need, such as trucking companies or farms, but also to individuals who must use the cisterns for condominial or domestic heating.

Serbatoi Servizi Pluses

Our consulting services are based on our long experience in this sector, therefore, are based on our deep knowledge of the products we process and the materials they are made of. Our technicians are qualified and are able to identify the solution that best suits their requests.

Equally we act promptly in the event of malfunctions that require rapid interventions.

Contact us to get in touch with our intervene areas for tanks and cisterns, our technicians will be at your disposal.

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