Tanks and cisterns must first be properly installed, in order to avoid creating situations that could contaminate the surrounding environment, and, subsequently, must be tested to verify that there are no leaks and that they comply with current safety regulations. Serbatoi Servizi works directly at your company and issues the documentation of successful testing.

Cistern's Installation

Before installing a cistern or tank, it is necessary to study the context in which it will be installed and identify the appropriate solution.

The tanks can be requested both in industrial and business contexts, such as building sites or agricultural companies, trucking and in domestic and private contexts (for example to provide for the heating of your home).

In all these cases you can choose between external use tanks and underground tanks and you can choose taking into account what is the substance that will be stored in them.

The choice is therefore wide and must take into account different variables, for this reason it is important to refer to professionals who can guide you through the selection process.

Installing a tank or cistern is an operation that must be carried out with care and requires the intervention of trained technicians.

After obtaining a positive response, the technicians will proceed to release the documentation (certification of testing, Ministry of Interior, maintenance booklet, tank level table

Serbatoi Servizi takes care of all the phases, from those of installation to the Cert. S.C.I.A (authorization of the “Figili del fuoco”), to the administrative and bureaucratic ones, contact us to get to know the products of our catalog.

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Our Target

A tank to store diesel oil, Urea, with blue, can be useful in different contexts: we are addressed to companies active in the field of trucking or agricultural, who want to independently manage the supply of their vehicles, as well as contact us private citizens who they need a cistern to store the oil needed for heating their homes. For each of these cases we are able to identify and provide the most appropriate solution.

Serbatoi Servizi's Pluses

The strength of Serbatoi Servizi is based, on the one hand, on a very rich warehouse composed of different types of tanks and cisterns and, on the other, on the solid training and specialization of a group of technicians able to operate in any context in the total compliance with safety standards and to carry out appropriate testing on tanks and cisterns installed.

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