Tanks and cisterns are subject to wear and deterioration caused both by the passage of time and by the particular type of liquids they contain. To avoid wear and tear both on the environment and on people who work in direct contact with these containers, it is important to do a periodic maintenance work that intervenes on the criticality, if any, and that restores the starting conditions of cisterns and tanks.

Tanks and cisterns maintenance

Maintenance on tanks and cisterns is an operation that must be done consistently. Presents different levels of criticality related mainly to the type of tanks on which it is necessary to intervene: if, on the one hand, in the case of those built above ground and equipped with containment tanks is easy to operate, on the other, there are those buried, allocated that is, under the floor, which usually have a manhole as a single access and require greater attention.

Maintenance involves two main operations, required by environmental regulations:

  • Reclamation
  • Leaking test

The reclamation of the tanks consists in restoring the original state, eliminating the oil or diesel that residues inside. This type of intervention is part of those of normal maintenance, therefore it is always carried out as a preliminary intervention before proceeding with the vitrification or reuse or, again, the disposal of the same. This operation must be carried out in compliance with the safety standards and the personnel who perform it must be equipped with the Personal Protective Equipment defined by law.

After carrying out the reclamation we proceed with the leak test that has the purpose to exclude that there are conditions of risk, such as the danger of contaminating the surrounding area, this operation is particularly important when dealing with tanks underground.

manutenzione su serbatoi e cisterne
manutenzione su serbatoi

Our Target

The tanks and cisterns, one way or another, are part of the landscape (if they are not buried)  it is easier to recognize them near industrial warehouses, near farms or even in the neighborhood of houses. Their maintenance concerns  directly all those who use them daily and serves to prevent leaks that could be dangerous for the environment and particularly serious in the case of underground tanks.

Serbatoi Servizi's Pluses

Serbatoi Servizi  is specialized in tanks and cistern’ s maintenance above ground and underground. Our technicians master this type of work that, as we remember, happens in confined environments, therefore it can be dangerous both for their personal safety and for the environment.

We offer a professional maintenance service where nothing is left to chance: our team will put its preparation at your disposition

sistemi gestionali carburante

Serbatoi Servizi carries out reclamation operation and delivers required certification, contact us if the tanks you use need said intervention.

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