The proper maintenance of tanks and cisterns destined to contain diesel oil is very important and consists of several operations, all essential to avoid sudden losses or the onset of other problems. Cleaning, for example, is an operation that must be performed regularly at least once a year to remove sludge and condensation water, dirty diesel fuel and other elements.

Internal cleaning of tanks and cisterns

The internal cleaning of tanks and cisterns consists in removing sludge, water and the dirty substances that have been created inside them.

This is a delicate operation that requires total mastering by the operators, the tools used and compliance with safety standards, so it is important to turn to professionals and technicians who have gained a long experience in the field and who are able to to operate without jeopardizing their safety.

The intervention on tanks and underground cisterns requires a more meticulous planning phase compared to the work on the ground. It is indeed necessary to verify, before operating, all possible alternatives and to identify the safest one.

Serbatoi Servizi has equipment suitable for the cleaning of tanks, we can take care of the suction of residues and, later, cleaning through the use of specific detergents.

It is also our task to provide for the collection and proper disposal of collected waste. At the end of the cleaning interventions we carry out all administrative procedures and issue the required certifications.

Serbatoi Servizi can count on specialized technicians who master all the cleaning phases.

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Our Target

Anyone who uses a cistern or a tank of oil or diesel oil, for business or private use, must arrange for an annual cleaning. This is a very important operation that has positive effects on the same liquids, protects them from contamination with waste and is a guarantee against unpleasant surprises that could become a hitch in the work activity.

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Serbatoi Servizi's Pluses

Before operating, we study and plan our intervention in the smallest details.
For our cleaning service, reclamation, disposal, vitrification, we use machinery, tools and detergents of the latest generation and, therefore, high performance and suitable to treat even delicate situations. Furthermore our technicians are trained and prepared to carry out their work with care, seriousness and in compliance with safety standards.

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