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Tanks, cisterns and management systems can suddenly cease to function properly with consequences that can affect the environment and the health of operators, in the event that a tank breaks and starts to lose, as well as work itself that could be slowed down. For this reason it is important to be able to rely on a company that guarantees the intervention within 24 hours from the first fault report.

The repair service includes all types of intervention, from the repair of a tank or a cistern to the replacement of electric pumps, from interventions on electrical panels, liters, automatic guns, fuel lines, fuel tanks or filters cleaning and more.

One of the flagships of our business is the wide availability in our warehouse of spare parts and accessories for tanks, tanks: columns, regulators and fuel management control systems.

This allows us not only to intervene quickly but to do so having already available quality spare parts (approved, brand C.E.)

One of the purposes of the Serbatoi Servizi activities is to always be ready to intervene in case repairs, maintenance or cleaning of the tanks are necessary. This is why we are organized to respond promptly to requests for intervention and to carry out repair work within 24 hours of reporting the fault.

Our technicians are prepared to solve any situation and, when necessary, take care of installing the spare parts at the same location of the activity.

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Our Target

All companies, when problems arise, require quick interventions. In particular, when dealing with the breakage of a tank or cisterns, the timeliness of the intervention is essential to avoid damage to the environment and operators.

Serbatoi Servizi, thanks to its organization and thanks to a warehouse always supplied, is able to ensure the repair intervention within 24 hours, whether it is to repair a cistern or to replace some elements of the management systems.

Serbatoi Servizi's Pluses

The timeliness we can offer for requested repairs are based on the fact that we have a good assortment of accessories and spare parts at our warehouse. Our technicians, therefore, can intervene quickly at the company headquarters and replace the pieces that do not work. In this way the work activity will not undergo any slowdown.

Contact us to learn more about our offer, to ask for advice or a quote, Serbatoi Servizi will gladly follow you and solve any problems.

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