The management systems for controlling fuel delivery are a very useful tool for managing and monitoring systems of any size and type of dispenser, columns for diesel use, and which distribute the fuel itself.

They are suitable for fuel depots and small and medium-sized distributors, mostly installed in trucking companies, farms or construction sites, and contribute both to the correct management and to the safety of the plants themselves, plus they allow to always keep fuel availability under control.

The models in our catalog are different, but all of them have the purpose of facilitating the daily work of managing a fuel distributor and, therefore, offer both different types of control and management and the possibility of setting the parameters according to the needs of their own activities

Serbatoi Servizi treats classic management systems integrated in the distribution columns. It is electronic equipment for the control and registration of fuel supplies, which can be connected in different ways, which have specific characteristics, such as the number of vehicles and drivers that they are able to manage, which offer the possibility of setting some parameters and that make it possible to always keep fuel availability under control.

At the same time we also have solutions with a Buffer control system, that is, through a small memory key which, through a special reader, allows data to be loaded and unloaded.

Take a look at our catalog, you’ll fine our offers for the management systems of fuel control adapted the mos to your needs. Contact us to be guided in our solution’s choice adapted more to you needs

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